Death and Desire - An Opera Promo

So hey!

I've been focusing on the commercial side of my life quite a bit over the past year and so it's been a long long loooong while since I stretched my artistic wings a little bit.  So when Against the Grain Theatre approached me to do another promotional piece for their upcoming operas, Death and Desire (recommended viewing[see here]) I was really excited to pull out the stops and get weird with it.

Against the Grain is the best kind of client: a group of artists who have a strong vision of how they want their work to be perceived but also, give you the space to approach an idea your own way.  So I've been thinking a lot about incorporating the weirdo disfigured style of my favourite artist, Francis Bacon, into a series.  A promo for an opera about Freudian notions of sex and death featuring two super talented and widely respected singers, Krisztina Szabo and Colin Ainsworth, seemed like a great opportunity to try it out!  Hope you enjoy!