Eve 6, I Mother Earth, Sloan, Our Lady Peace -- Echo Beach-- Edgefest III, 2014

Back to Echo Beach for Edgefest III-- this time they went old-school with some bands that made a big splash during the 90's.  It's been years since I've listened to some of these bands but it really didn't affect how impactful it was when to see them live.  Waves of nostalgia here--


Echo Beach and Live Nation-- Thanks for the light show! You made me shoot in colour

Eve 6

I Mother Earth


Our Lady Peace


In the 90's these would have been lighters-- I think that was cooler

In the 90's these would have been lighters-- I think that was cooler

Now THIS is cool

Now THIS is cool

And also THIS

And also THIS

Wildlife, Said the Whale, Bear Hands, MS MR, and USS -- Echo Beach-- Edgefest II, 2014

Great night of indie tunes at Edgefest II featuring a few bands that I've had a hankering to see live for a while.  This show was my first at Echo Beach and I've got to say that its one of the better festival venues in the city-- great view of the city, sweet beachy atmosphere with sand and everything.  


Bear Hands

Said the Whale



also, the fans at this show were great so I popped a few shots of them below:

The Dropkick Murphys-- Sound Academy

With hard punk having been all but absorbed by other soft subcultures it is becoming an oddity to enter a venue and witness a mohawked twenty something woman spitting and clawing at security as they hauled her out of the club.  With more consistency, concert halls are filled with the waxen faces of stationary hipsters, illuminated by the sickly glow of Iphone screens. But, on September 15, the Sound Academy did not feel like a 2010′s Toronto venue when, with their signature spit, sweat and swagger, the Dropkick Murphys hit the stage.

Lonnie in the Garden-- Clintons //After the Show//

Another fantastic Toronto band, Lonnie in the Garden.  Crazy mix of heavy and folk.  Very Cool.  This is another one of my After the Show series where I grabbed the band immediately after the show and made a portrait happen.  This is one of my favourites of the set-- the band was super open to my crazy thoughts moments after their set as they were unwinding outside the venue

Lonnie in the Garden, After the Show

Lonnie in the Garden, After the Show

Stereo Sunrise

Quick little portrait of some friends of mine from the Niagara music scene-- Stereo Sunrise.  These guys are just starting to make some waves out there.  Now, what is the Niagara music scene you ask?  Same scene that brought you Attack in Black, Alexis on Fire, City and Colour, and even rock gods, Rush.  Always keep an eye on that scene, it jumps out to bite you when you least expect it. In summary, watch out for these guys, they are bitey.

Check them out here

Stereo Sunrise

Stereo Sunrise



The Flaming Lips-- Yonge and Dundas NXNE

I've seen them before but it seems like every time I see this idiosynchratic band, they launch their stage show to new crazy heights.  As a photographer, this was a killer experience.  As an audience member, crazy as well.  As packed as it was I managed to get right in there without a designated media area on this one.  My reward was almost getting crushed by Wayne Coyne in his zorb. Obviously one crazy show, 

This guy showed up too and managed to get his own fans: