The Flaming Lips-- Yonge and Dundas NXNE

I've seen them before but it seems like every time I see this idiosynchratic band, they launch their stage show to new crazy heights.  As a photographer, this was a killer experience.  As an audience member, crazy as well.  As packed as it was I managed to get right in there without a designated media area on this one.  My reward was almost getting crushed by Wayne Coyne in his zorb. Obviously one crazy show, 

This guy showed up too and managed to get his own fans:

Wilderness of Manitoba-- Steam Whistle Unsigned #22

Steam Whistle #22 I had the pleasure of being invited to shoot 3 fantastic up-and-coming bands in one of my favourite venues in the city, the Steam Whistle Roundhouse.  Great music, awesome venue, all happening in the place where they make my favourite beer-- what could be better?

Under these fantastic conditions, with these amazing bands, I decided to push forward my After the Show series-- essentially what that means is that I head to the venue with no prior contact with the bands, finagle a 5 minute portrait gap with them after the set, find a location, a concept and throw up a light and pull something.  High pressure but a lot of fun! 

Without further intro, here is the first band in photos-- Wilderness of Manitoba.


Check out their modern folk tunes here

Wilderness of Manitoba, Steam Whistle Brewery // After the Show

Wilderness of Manitoba, Steam Whistle Brewery // After the Show

Wilderness of Manitoba Live Steam Whistle Unsigned #22

Here is the second installment from Steam Whistle Unsigned #22, this time focusing on, another band you'll be hearing from a lot in the future. 

Check them out at this handy link:


I also grabbed another shot of this band for my after the show series-- these guys were an absolute pleasure to work with and absolutely killed it on stage., Steam Whistle Roundhouse// After the Show, Steam Whistle Roundhouse// After the Show Live